Saturday October 28 Match Plan (Updated 7:00am)

Due to standing water at various locations, the officials of our various Leagues have made the following decisions.  Please READ CAREFULLY!
Polo Road Soccer Complex is OPEN.  All East CUFC Recreation matches and all Sandlapper matches that are scheduled for play at Polo Road today are being played as scheduled.  Northsprings Park and Summit Middle School are also open and matches will be played at those locations as scheduled.
Ballentine Park is CLOSED.  All West CUFC Recreation matches and all Sandlapper matches that were scheduled to play at Ballentine Park today are cancelled.  There is too much standing water.  It does not drain well.
BB&T Complex and the CUFC East Complex behind the church (now known as the Midlands Orthopaedic Complex) will start matches for PMSL and SCSCL at 11:00pm.  That means that any match scheduled to start at any time before 11:00am today at either location has been cnacelled by PMSL and SCSCL officials due to standing water/safety issues.  They will be re-scheduled by the League Administrator.  All matches that are scheduled for start times today at or after after 11am will be played at the locations and times scheduled.
Caughman Road is open.  All PMSL and SCSCL matches will start at the times shown on the schedule. 

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