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It is the policy of SCUFC to provide soccer opportunities for all youth regardless of the ability to pay to the extent there are Financial Assistance Funds available.

Procedure for Filing:

1. A parent/legal guardian must complete the Financial Assistance Application

2. The child/player must be listed as a dependent on the previous year's Federal 1040 Tax Form or proof of guardianship must be provided.

3. Verification of income – REQUIRED (from BOTH parents).  If separated or divorced, you must show documentation that your spouse is not responsible for payments.
a. Copy of Previous Year Federal 1040 Tax Form

b. Or if you did not file taxes, both parents must each submit a copy of 2 paycheck stubs for wages received within the last 60 days.

4. The application will not be reviewed unless all information is completed on the application and verification of income is provided.

5. Black out any personal information (i.e. social security number and birthdates), bring a copy of your verification of income to the tryout/evaluation session and give to Elaine Simpson or e-mail your verification to Elaine Simpson at

6. Questions regarding our Financial Assistance program should be e-mailed to

Application Review

  • The applications will be reviewed AFTER the team assignments have been announced.  Once the application is reviewed, a representative from the committee will contact you either by phone or e-mail about a payment plan.
  • All decisions of the Financial Assistance Committee are FINAL.

Qualifications and Conditions:

1. Family members and/or players are required to assist SCUFC in various club activities serving as volunteers or pay an additional $75 per season per player Volunteer Opt-Out fee.  The Volunteer Opt-Out Fee MUST be paid in full when the initial Financial Assistance application is submitted.

2. There must be a true, verifiable financial need.

3. Personal interviews will be conducted of the applicant or family member, if needed.

4. If a resolution to fees cannot be agreed upon during the initial review, the committee will make a decision and notify the applicant.  All decisions of the Financial Assistance Committee are FINAL.

5. Information in this application is considered to be confidential by the SCUFC Financial Assistance Committee, Board of Directors and the applicant making the request.

6. All applicants are required to pay the Registration Fee of $55 – 8U-10U player or $100 – 11U-19U players (maximum of $200 per family).  This registration fee is non-refundable once you have accepted a position for your child on a team.

7. All applicants will normally be placed on a 10-month payment plan.

8. SCUFC does not offer financial assistance for Team Fees thru this Financial Assistance program. If you need assistance with the Team Fees, you must contact Rob Strickland, SCUFC Director of Coaching, ( or your coach. Recipients who do not qualify for assistance with team fees, must stay current with Team Fees in order to remain in good standing. 

9. Recipients receiving partial financial assistance MUST stay current with the agreed payment plan to retain good standing status.

10. Any recipient not current on the payment plan or team fees may be subject to loss of financial assistance for the remainder of the current year and/or future years and payment in full may be required before the player can participate in SCUFC practices/games or other functions.

11. SCUFC MUST be notified if your financial circumstances change.  The recipient MUST request an interview to be reevaluated if financial circumstances change.


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