Strikers Volunteers Needed!

South Carolina United YMCA Strikers
The Strikers will rely heavily upon volunteers. On game day, volunteer opportunities may include:
  • Player “Buddy” – a player that assists an individual player’s participation on the field
  • Teammate – a typically developing soccer player to mentor and facilitate the flow of the match
  • Communication – assisting with inter and intra-field communication
  • Individual or small group coaching and instruction
  • Cheering
  • Set-up and clean-up.
Each pool of players will have a volunteer coordinator. This person will be in charge of that pool’s volunteers each day. All questions/concerns from volunteers should be directed to this designated person.
All Strikers Volunteers will be engaged in on-field activities. We expect volunteers to be focused upon the needs of our players at all times, both to enhance the players’ game play and experience and for reasons of safety. Facilitating a player’s participation both on and off the field is integral to the success of our program. 
The Strikers hope to have a core group of volunteers who are there to help each week, as well as “floaters” who help out as they are able.
  • All volunteers should be 12 years of age or older.
  • Enthusiasm for soccer and helping others.
  • On-field volunteers should have some knowledge of soccer rules and gamesmanship.
  • Parents, caregivers, family and friends are welcome.
  • There will be roles for volunteers with and without soccer playing skills.
We intend to have a volunteer training session prior to the first set of matches. All persons interested in volunteering would benefit from this session and are encouraged to attend. Attendance will be extremely helpful, but will not be mandatory.

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