Program Questions and Answers

1.      How much is registration and what does each player get?

Answer: Registration is $75 ($48 for YMCA members). Scholarships are available for those families who have a demonstrated need. Each player will receive a game jersey, socks and an end of season trophy. Also, each player will be registered with SCYSA (South Carolina Youth Soccer Association). There will be 8 scheduled games per season. Each will consist of one half hour of soccer training and an hour of “small-sided” games.
2.       Will there be any practices during the week?
Answer:  No, there will not be any soccer training outside of the weekly matches.
3.      How will the players be separated into teams?
Answer: All of the registered players will receive the same color jersey and will be placed into player pools by size and ability. Players will then be subdivided into teams each week which will be designated by different color game vests. For example one possible scenario would place all of the players into one of three pools. The “red” pool would consist of players that are able to play the game of soccer without on-the-field assistance. The “white” pool would consist of players that require an on-the-field “buddy” to assist them individually. Finally, the “blue” pool would consist of players that are non-ambulatory and require specific alterations to succeed at the game of soccer.
4.      Where will the games take place?
Answer: We intend to rotate the games to different SCUFC/YMCA soccer facilities throughout the Columbia area each week.
5.       When will the games take place?
Answer: Sunday afternoons from 4:30 – 6PM, approximately 3 Sundays per month.
6.       Do you need volunteers?
Answer: Yes! The Strikers program will only be successful through the participation of many volunteers. We will need teammates that will consist of soccer players from select, academy, and recreation teams that will help facilitate the flow of the game of soccer, individual “buddies” that will assist players out on the field, supervisors, administrators, etc. Please read the Strikers volunteer section for more details
7.      Are there any age restrictions for players?
Answer: We are accepting registrations for players between the ages of 4 and 19 years.
8.      Are there any limitations that might exclude my child?
Answer: It is our intent to include all players who want to participate including children with physical, cognitive, and sensory limitations. However, we will be unable to provide medical supervision for those children who are medically fragile or unable to participate in physical activity.
9.      If I want to talk to someone about the program, who do I contact?
Answer: Ken Corning is heading up this program.  He can be contacted via email at

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