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Player Equipment and Uniforms

  1. All teams shall wear matching uniforms consisting of jersey, shorts, and socks.
  2. Every field player shall have a unique and identifiable number attached to his/her jersey.
  3. Additional garments may be worn to protect against the elements, but all players must present a uniform appearance and all extra clothing is subject to the approval of the referee.
  4. Socks must be pulled up over each player’s shinguards.
  5. No jewelry of any type may be worn during a match under any circumstances.
  6. The referee is the sole judge of whether player equipment, casts, or protective or other assistant devices shall be allowed as prescribed in the FIFA "Laws of the Game". In general, hard casts will be allowed only if they are:
    1. wrapped in their entirety with half inch of foam or other cushioning material and
    2. are, in the opinion of the referee, safe.

At the first indication that a player with a cast or other protective device is using it in an unsafe manner, or to gain an advantage, the player shall be removed from the match. The player may not return for the duration of the match or until the cast or device has been removed.


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