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How do I get paid for Recreational games?

Payments for working recreational games if completed via check. In order to be paid for refereeing recreational games, you will need to complete a W9 form and either mail it or email it.  Once the W9 form has been received, then the referee can be paid for the games that they work.

NOTE: Referees will be paid once every two weeks. 

It is important that you check to make sure that you are paid for the games that you have worked.  If you do not show up for an assigned game, do not expect to be paid.  Keeping a spreadsheet or some tracking form of the games that you work would be wise.

Here is a link to the W9 form:  W9 Form

This form needs to be turned in to Dennis R. Cook.

    Mail to:  Dennis R. Cook, 106 Cedar Crest Lane, Irmo, SC  29063
    Email: (if you are scanning the signed form and emailing it).

If you have problems contacting Dennis, you can reach him at 803-446-4504.

Recreational Referees

Only one referee will be assigned to any U8-U12 recreational match.   Additionally, please know we will not be assigning a referee to any U7 recreational match unless we have filled all U8 matches and above.  
As to the U7s, please understand that we want our coaches on the field at this age helping the players learn how to play the match and thus, if we do not have a referee available to cover any U7 match on Saturdays, we encourage the coaches to help teach the players the rules of the game by having the coaches officiate the match on their respective ends of the field.  
* U13 through U19 recreational matches will only have a center referee for 8v8 and 6v6 games. 
* U13 through U19 recreational matches will have a referee and two assistant referees for 11v11 games. 

Referee Configuration

Due to insurance requirements all games will be refereed as per one of the following alignments.
1 Center referee   2 Assistant referee OR
1 Center referee   1 Assistant referee  1 Club linesman OR
1 Center referee    2 Club linesman
These are the only configurations that referees can use when doing games for South Carolina United FC.


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