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Premier League Officials Procedures


> Before the game check player cards. Pull all players over and check player to player card. After checking the player cards return them to the team manager. REFEREES SHOULD NOT KEEP THE PLAYER CARDS UNTIL AFTER THE GAME.

> While checking player cards be aware of any players or coaches not present that may be serving RED CARD suspensions.

> Before the game starts make sure that each team pays you half the game fees. Fees are as follows:
  Referee Asst. Ref #1 Asst. Ref #2 Total
U-13 $40 $25 $25 $90
U-14 $40 $25 $25 $90
U-15 $50 $30 $30 $110
U-16 $50 $30 $30 $110
U-17 $60 $40 $40 $140
U-18 $60 $40 $40 $140

> After the game referees are reminded that your job is not done if red cards, serious injury, or major incidents have occurred. This includes all league matches, tournaments, friendly matches and all state cup games. All referees within 48 hours are required to fill out a web based REFEREE MATCH REPORT or can either fill out and fax the old USSF match report. A referee who fails to file a match report when required could be subject to administrative penalties, fines, or suspensions. Old USSF Match Report and the new web based REFEREE MATCH REPORT can be found on the SC referee organization web site.

> After your Match Game Report has been filled out notification will be sent automatically to the league administrators and SCYS office. Emailing ahead of time would be welcomed so the assignor & league administrators will be on the lookout for your Match Game Report.
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