Coach Appreciation Discount: 

Coach Appreciation Discount:  Parents who volunteer to coach his/her child's recreational soccer team and complete the 3 required items below by February 6, 2021 will receive a $25 discount.  If you are a returning coach and have completed the 3 items within a year, you will receive a discount code to use when registering, if you are a new coach or returning coach who has NOT completed the below items, please e-mail Tripp Miller ( once they have been completed and he will send you the discount code and/or refund your Credit Card the $25 discount.

ONLY the Head Coach will receive the $25 discount.
ONLY 1 coach/team may receive the #25 discount.

3 required items for receiving coach discount:

  • CURRENT SCYS Background Check (click SCYS Background Check link to complete) - FREE - MUST BE COMPLETED EACH YEAR.
  • Completed Sexual Abuse Prevention Awareness Training and received certificate (click the link and complete the Sexual Abuse Awareness Training and test) - FREE - MUST BE COMPLETED EVERY 2 YEARS.
    On the First Screen set up an account and under TYPE of TRAINING click the Sexual Abuse Awareness Training 
    On the Second Screen Click the AWARE TRAINING and VIDEO/QUIZ (left hand side of the page)
  • Completed either the Introduction to Grassroots Training Course ( or have a coach's license - FREE - MUST BE COMPLETED ONCE.

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