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Holiday SpiritWear Trade-in Offer
Winter Columbia United FC Spiritwear is here and just in time to complete your holiday shopping list!  New winter items include Hoodie pullovers, Crewneck sweatshirts and sweatpants (special order only--available in late January) in a variety of colors.
And, as a special incentive, we are offering a special Holiday Trade-in Promotion to clean out your closets of your old CSC and NECSA apparel before the New Year begins!  This offer expires on January 1, 2007. 
This is a one-to-one trade-in offer for your CSC and NECSA logo items and is only valid for the following items:
Short-sleeved t-shirt $3.00 off a CUFC short-sleeved t-shirt

Long-sleeved t-shirt

$3.00 off a CUFC long-sleeved t-shirt
Polo shirt $5.00 off a CUFC polo shirt
Hoodie pullover $5.00 off a CUFC hoodie pullover
Crewneck sweatshirt $5.00 off a CUFC crewneck sweatshirt
Hat $2.00 off a CUFC hat
Visor $2.00 off a CUFC visor
Car magnet $2.00 off a CUFC car magnet
Orders can be placed completing the order form online and emailing it to Kathy Birnie (birnie509@bellsouth.net) or by visiting Soccer Plus.   All orders require payment via check (made out to Columbia United FC Spiritwear).
Note that there is a limited inventory of sweatshirts, so get them while you can!
All received apparel will be shipped overseas to help develop youth soccer programs in countries less fortunate than ours. Feel free to clean out your closets and donate any other items of soccer clothing!

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