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Hurricane Florence

Attention Parents and Coaches:

Due to Governor McMaster's State of Emergency declaration, all SCUFC Competitive Soccer programming and all SCUFC/YMCA Recreational Soccer programming are hereby cancelled until the State of Emergency has been lifted for Richland and Lexington counties.  This means that regardless of weather and field conditions, no practices and training sessions are to be held as long as the Field Status on the SCUFC website ( is marked as "Closed".  All of the SCUFC and YMCA soccer fields are officially closed until further notice. 

Please be aware that this decision is not made lightly but is being made out of an abundance of caution for the safety of our players and families currently based on the coastal evacuation order that is in place and the resulting roadway congestion.  Also impending weather conditions with the approaching hurricane have affected this decision. All canceled practices will be made up at some point during the season.

If you have not seen already, SCYSA posted a statement on Monday in regards to SCYS league games for this weekend.  Please see below in red:

South Carolina Youth Soccer and Hurricane Florence

Update 9-10

SC Youth Soccer players, parents, coaches and clubs,

Based on the announcement made this afternoon by Governor McMaster we have decided to cancel any league matches between now and September 17, 2018 that includes a team from the Coastal District or Florence. This includes any matches in the SCSCL, PMSL, Open League, Jim Hudson League, Sandlapper League or Coastal League.

Matches that do not have a Coastal District or Florence team involved are still scheduled at this time.

We will be sending clubs and assignors a list of matches that are still on as scheduled in the coming hours.

Clubs will be the ones to determine whether to cancel any training sessions over the coming days and weeks.

As more information becomes available there may be additional changes.


A decision as to the status of SCUFC fields and this weekend's matches that have not been canceled via SCYSA above will depend on the above referenced declaration and the conditions of the fields at our various playing venues.  We will communicate that decision to all by way of email and website posting on Friday by 5 pm.  If Saturday and Sunday's matches have to be postponed, they will be made up at a later date. 

In the meantime, please be safe and do what you can to help those in need as 1,000,000 plus of our state's citizens will be evacuating the coast today and tomorrow.  

With thanks,

Your SCUFC and YMCA Soccer Staff


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