Parent and Player Agreement

Agreed to as part of Online Registration with South Carolina United FC

Players, parents, coaches and fans represent South Carolina United FC when our teams play. The actions of one of us affect the image of all of us. This Code of Conduct encourages us to work together to play with good sportsmanship and to treat players, coaches, referees and parents with respect.

Players Code of Conduct





1.  I will treat referees with Respect.


  • I will accept referee calls with respect and not argue, complain or verbally harass a referee during or after a game. 



2.  I will treat my coach with Respect.




  •  I will come to practice and games with a positive attitude and obey the coach’s rules.




3.  I will treat my teammates and other teams with Respect.


  • Whether we win or lose, I will do so with class and not “trash talk” players on my team or opposing teams. 




4.  I will not bring alcohol, tobacco or drugs to soccer practice or games.


5. I will not use profanity at soccer practice or games. 





6.  I will not physically assault another player, coach, referee or spectator.




  • I understand that physically assaulting another player, coach, referee or spectator will result in automatic dismissal from South Carolina United FC.




7.  I understand the SCYSA and USYSA set suspensions for Red Cards.


  • 1st red card in a season, 1 game suspension. 2nd red card in the same season, 2 game suspension. 3rd red card in the same season, 10 months suspension.


Parent Code of Conduct

1.        Treat Referees with Respect
  • There are no circumstances in which a parent should confront a referee during or after a game. 
  • Do not verbally harass a referee.  
2.        Treat Your Coach with Respect
  • Ensure your child and all of his/her equipment gets to the games and practices on time.
  • Pick up your child promptly at the end of games or practices; don’t make the coaches wait for you.
  • Disagreements with the coach do not belong on the public soccer field before, during or after a game or practice. Questions or comments should be voiced later during an adult atmosphere.
3.        Treat all Columbia United FC Players, Including your Own Child, and Other Teams with Respect
  • Coaches, not parents, are the ones we entrust to instruct our players. Coaching and/or instructing from the spectator sideline are not permitted. It may confuse, distract or frustrate the players as well as contradict a coach’s instructions.
  • Be positive. Never yell or criticize your child or other players. Don’t expect them to play like professionals.
  • Avoid confrontations or shouting matches with the parents or fans of an opposing team.
  • Allow your child and other players to have fun playing soccer. Don’t let soccer become a chore!
  • Whether you win or lose, do so with class. 
4.        Treat Yourself with Respect
  • “Motor Mouths Not Welcome”. Constant yelling is very irritating to everyone around you.
  • Learn the rules of soccer; you will enjoy it more. Attend a coaching, parent or referee clinic.
  • No alcohol, drugs, profanity or fighting are ever permitted at soccer games or practices. 
5.        Grievances
  • All grievances should be reported in writing to the Compliance Officer for the Columbia United FC Board of Directors.
By Selecting the "I agree" button below, I am agreeing to the following:
  1. I and my son/daughter have read, understand and will adhere to the Player’s Code of Conduct as stated above.
  2. I have read, understand and will adhere to the Parent’s Code of Conduct & Parent Agreement as stated above.
  3. I agree to help my team clean-up the complex one week per year and am willing to volunteer to help during the South Caorlina United FC sponsored tournaments.
  4. I understand that the timely payment of club and team fees is paramount to running a successful club.
I agree to abide by all rules of the South Carolina United FC, SCYSA and USYSA.



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