1-877-I L SCUFC (457-2832)

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In order to better serve you, we moved to a digital internet phone solution for the club on October 30, 2007. 
This system allows you to direct your calls and questions to specific members and areas of our club .  When you leave a voicemail in any of these voicemail boxes, your voicemail will be delivered via email to the appropriate party.  This allows our staff members to receive your messages in a much more timely manner.
Our telephone number is toll-free, as well as our fax number.  Please make a note of them:
 Phone:  1-877-I L SCUFC (457-2832)
 Fax:  1-888-675-2704  
Our goal is to provide you great soccer and customer service.  We hope that this system, coupled with our website, will provide you better communications with our club staff.
Directory of Extensions
Ext. 10
 Recreational Soccer

Ext. 20

 Select Soccer

Ext. 30

 Junior Academy Soccer

Ext. 40

 Tournament Information

Ext. 60

 Registration Questions

Ext. 70

 Camp Information

Ext. 80

 General Questions

Ext. 90

 Mailing Address and Fax Instructions


For a listing of staff and email addresses please go to Staff and Appointed Officers.

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P.O. Box 2082
Columbia, SC 29202

Phone: 1-877-457-2832

Fax: 1-888-675-2704

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