One Community, One Club, One Passion -- All Youth, All Soccer, All Levels

Welcome to Columbia United FC!

Serving all families of the Greater Columbia area and surrounding Mid-State counties, welcome to South Carolina’s newest youth soccer club created through merger of the Northeast Columbia Soccer Association into the Columbia Soccer Club. Currently 2,681 players strong, Columbia United FC is a tribute not only to the tireless volunteers who recently accomplished the merger but also to hundreds of men and women in our area communities, young and old alike, who have unselfishly given their time, talents and resources to improve the lives of children by promoting the beautiful game of youth soccer here in the Greater Columbia soccer community. To those of you who were so instrumental in founding the heritage upon which Columbia United FC is now firmly based, we say, “Thank you.” You will always be considered a part of Columbia United FC and always be welcomed.

To parents and players, of past years and present, a special thanks to you as well. A united Columbia has for most people in our soccer community always been a mere hope. Today it is a reality – a reality that will provide players greater competitive challenge on a State and Regional basis, improved developmental opportunities commensurate with players’ abilities and a broader reach for making new friends and acquaintances throughout the Greater Columbia soccer community. Will Columbia United FC be perfect as new processes and new procedures are employed? Absolutely not. But will Columbia United FC strive to make our Greater Columbia area, its families, business leaders, civic leaders and educators proud? The answer is yes.

And finally, to our talented Directors of Soccer, Academy Director, Goalkeeping Director and to each coach of our U-4 Recreation teams all the way up through our most Elite Select-level U-18 teams, your loyalty to this community and its players, your dedication to demanding excellence from your players with poise, professionalism and positive encouragement and your continued passion in helping our club’s players become the best young men and women they can be both on and off the pitch, are traits of which we all stand proud. As successful, seasoned soccer coaches, you know well that beyond our American borders, the designation “FC” stands for “Football Club” – not football as in good old American pigskin, gridiron football but football as in soccer. In England, it is Manchester United Football Club (“MUFC”) or Chelsea FC. In Germany, it is Futbol Club Bayern Munchen (“FC Bayern Munchen”). In Spain, it is Futbol Club Barcelona (“FC Barca”) . . . and so on around the globe. And while FC does indeed represent the traditional international designation of soccer clubs, keep in mind that as prominently displayed in our new logo, the letters FC also serve as a reminder to all of us – to our club’s Board, its officers and volunteers and to our coaches, our players and our parents to act “First Class” – to act First Class in our treatment of one another, and to act First Class in our treatment of SCYSA Administrators, match officials and our weekly opponents, both players and fans alike. Soccer is but a game but so too is it an incredible vehicle to help turn today’s youth into tomorrow’s adults who will choose one day to give back to their communities the selfless service and positive guidance you provide them.

In this, our inaugural season, join in the pride. One Community, One Club, One Passion – All Youth, All Soccer, All Levels – Columbia United FC.

Its time has come.

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