2007 ODP - 33 Columbia United Players Selected

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        Congratulations are in order to thirty-three (33) Columbia United FC Select players named to the 2007 South Carolina Olympic Development Program (ODP) teams as players and alternates.  Between now and this summer’s Sub-Regional matches (94s) and Region III Camp in Montevallo, Alabama (93s, 92s, 91s and 90s) all thirty of these players will train under the direction of their ODP coach and alternates will continue to be evaluated as they compete for available final roster slots, if any, when the teams represent South Carolina this summer.  For more on South Carolina ODP, click HERE.   Columbia United FC players selected are:


1990 Girls

1991 Boys

Rachel Wadsworth 



Adam Wolf

Noel Holmes

1992 Boys

Cheryl Jennings

Joey Demare

Taylor Rutland

Emmett Lunceford

1991 Girls


Haley Hutchens

Cameron Wegrzyn

Sarah Simpson

1993 Boys

Danielle Shaw

Michael Klawer

Cecelia Wyrick

Robert Sullivan


Braden Troyer

Kayla Bingham


Kellie Bingham

Jonathon Cleary 

Stephanie Gauthier

Christopher Williams

Sarah Morabito

1994 Boys

Chandler Murphy 

William Dunbaker

1992 Girls


Amy Kolowsky

 Daniel Clements

1993 Girls

 Aiden Myer

Alexa Barnes


Rachael Mitchell




Shelby Bryant


Allyson Hill


1994 Girls


Erin Morabito


Lauren Roth


Sarah Spector


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